Yet Another Valentine’s Day Blog…

Little is reliably known about St. Valentine. Legend has it that he was a Christian priest during the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius who was martyred for his witness. Another tale says that he secretly married Christian couples to keep husbands from being conscripted into military service. Thus the “romantic” aspect of Valentine’s story…

In our culture, Valentine’s Day celebrates romantic love.

Christians often minimize romantic attraction as superficial and fleeting, but the proper meaning of “romance” refers Continue reading “Yet Another Valentine’s Day Blog…”

The Most Important Question a Worship Leader Can Ask

Whether you consider yourself a choir director, a worship arts pastor, or a minister of music, you are responsible for leading your congregation in worship.

This is no little thing because we were made by God to know and worship him.

There are many questions worship leaders ask. For example,

  • Does my pastor and those in authority above me think I’m doing a good job?
  • Will the congregation like the music I’ve chosen and the way I’m leading it?
  • What do my friends and colleagues think about our music program?
  • Are we doing the newest, most popular and/or most beloved songs?
  • How can I incorporate more of what I like into our service?

I would suggest that these are not ultimate questions.

What really matters is: “Does God respond ‘It is good’ to our worship?” Continue reading “The Most Important Question a Worship Leader Can Ask”